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A POLICE investigation is under way after 40 teenagers were involved in a fight in Howard Davis Park on Friday night.
NUMEROUS 'aggressive, threatening' letters - including one which showed a picture of a newborn baby and her Polish... read more
A 60-YEAR-old man was ordered to remain in custody on Friday after he admitted stealing 150,000 from an... read more
A CAMPAIGN has been launched to raise money for the structural work necessary to make the archaeological site of La... read more
THE entire States Assembly will have to work together and avoid 'political point-scoring' to deliver a new... read more
A WOMAN who stole a purse containing 500 from a child's pushchair while the mother was looking at items in a toy... read more
UP to 15 private landlords in the Island could take their rental properties off the market because of new licensing... read more
A DEBATE on new family-friendly laws which could see 52 weeks of parental leave introduced has been postponed days... read more
FEWER consultants and interim appointees should be used to deliver sweeping reforms of the public sector under the... read more
A PROPOSAL to convert a three-storey office block in Plat Douet Road, St Saviour, into 22 flats has been approved... read more
PLASTIC packaging such as butter tubs, yoghurt pots or fruit punnets could be recycled by Islanders in the future... read more
DISCARDED hypodermic needles have been found again in Parade Gardens opposite the Hospital.
A MAN who 'misses his plants' will be allowed to build a small greenhouse just outside the Coastal National Park... read more
JERSEY should consider scrapping the GCSE examination because it is 'antiquated and outdated', according to a... read more
A HATE-fuelled assault on two lesbians on a bus in London has been described as 'utterly horrifying and very... read more